What Is Positive Mindset-10 Tips To Achieve A Positive Mindset

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” ~ Sun Tzu

When I had the freedom to roam around I wished always for a peaceful corner in my house, but now when I have got plenty of time to spend in that peaceful corner, I don’t wish to have it anymore. Gradually people are starting to lose their sanity, such as people suiciding especially those who set the example for people such as celebrities. Trust me if you have food to eat and a well to do place to live-in then you are very lucky because there people out there who don’t even have this lot of things which have. As they say “Your grandparents were asked to go to war, you are being asked to sit on the couch, think about it carefully and act accordingly.” Understood that its tough to be at home every day but it isn’t impossible, here are some quick tips to keep yourself positive and win this war from your couch.


You can develop a habit of reading, maybe novels as per your choice it can be fictional, inspirational, biopic, etc. reading would feed your mind and keep it active in the time when it has developed a habit of being captivated in those four walls.

Interact/socialize online:


Please don’t stop interacting with people, make it a routine to have video calls every alternate day maybe with your friends or family members, colleagues, etc.

Time for the hobby:


I am sure you must be having some hobbies which you couldn’t follow due to your regular busy schedules. Well, this is the perfect time to give one of your hobbies a chance to keep yourself engaged and lively. It may be cooking, doodling, painting, writing, singing, dancing anything which you love to do.



I would say yoga would be the best thing to keep yourself positive and to keep up with the positive mindset in such tough times. You can also opt for regular exercise; I mean it’s the right time to fulfill those dreams of having abs or to reach any other physical goals.



Please don’t forget to take at least 20 minutes sunbath because a lack of vitamin D may cause anxiety, stress, depression. So it’s better to say help to the sun whenever you feel like it may be watching sunrise or sunset to light you up.

Water intake and normal diet:


Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and have a good diet, I mean I know you must be very busy finishing your office work but that doesn’t mean you would starve yourself due to work pressure. Because tummy-full is the key to happiness which leads to positivity from within.

Laughter show:


Keep a slot reserved for watching those comedy shows and laughing out loud, it helps in relieving stress which you have due to work and other things as well. you can also opt to watch those cartoon shows which you used to watch, try it sometime it works.

Memory lane:


Keep visiting your older pictures or other stuff which reminds you of happier times. COVID-19 isn’t about forgetting what it used to be, it’s more about cherishing what you have and had.



Planting is one of the good habits which keeps a person positive as it grows, nurtured by you. This would help you keep engaged and would also keep you out there in the sun for some time.

Be thankful:


COVID-19 is also about being thankful for those things which we used to take for granted. Spend some time with your family, plan somethings which you could do together to spend time such as playing games, watching movies, etc.

Stay healthy, stay positive, stay safe!