What Are The Tibetan Secrets for Longevity

Tibet, known as the lofty Tibetan Plateau on the northern side of the Himalayas, is an autonomous region of China. It was nicknamed as the “Roof of the World” for its towering peaks. It shares Mt. Everest with Nepal. Its capital, Lhasa, is the site of hilltop Potala Palace, once the Dalai Lama’s winter home, and Jokhang Temple, Tibet’s spiritual heart, revered for its golden statue of the young Buddha. Lord Buddha had a very rich history in treatments from herbs and long-life with them too. These medicinal herbs are very popular among Tibetans as well as the rest of the world. Not only this, but the Tibetans also practice a simple way of living and because of that, they are always capable of maintaining peace of their minds.

Herbal medicine, sound healing, and the Five Tibetan Rites (exercise), yoga-based moves designed to give you a renewed sense of energy and vitality, are three of the many secrets Tibetan monks use to maintain health, vitality, and longevity. Not only this, but the monks from Tibet also practice hard resistance towards traps of the world including money and other mind catching things. They maintain this by exercising physically and mentally and also by ensuring that they keep each other in check as well.

The YuthokNyingthig, the ‘Heart Essence of Yuthok’, composed by Yuthok the Younger, the great 12th Century Tibetan yogi-physician is a complete cycle of the Buddhist practice, beginning with the preliminary practicing and progressing through the development and completion stage practices to the highest practices of the Tibetan culture. It is characterized by its concise and simple methods which bring about both worldly benefits, including improved health and longevity, as well as the ultimate benefit of complete spiritual liberation. The YuthokNyingthig is the main spiritual practice of Tibetan physicians, and it contains many unique techniques to heighten the intuition and healing capacities of the doctor. Also, it is accepted not only by Tibetans but also by other people and priests and monks and other spiritual practisers all over the world. This tells them to concentration their god and avoids distractions because of which, the only thing affecting their mind and body is positivity, granting them access to longevity, vitality, and health.


These practices eliminate and prevent illness, lengthen the life span of the practitioner and bring all levels of spiritual accomplishment.

These practices of energy and meditation protect and nourishes both the physical body and the mind. This energy can be compromised due to illness, stress, physical trauma, aggression, and other things that can affect a person’s life negatively. It is said that our energy could also be ‘stolen’ by negative influences. Signs of loss of our positive energy include lack of strength and stability in the physical body, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and a mind that is full of confusion and doubts. To avoid this, the monks help people to restore the lost la from the ten directions and bring it back into one’s own body to restore physical health and vitality, happiness, and clarity.

According to Tibetan Medicine, ultimate health can only be achieved when approached from the energy of mind and its meditation, physical body, and its strength and also the clarity of life.