How To Make One’s Relationship Thrive In Close Quarters

During this lockdown and quarantine situation, we all are facing some difficulties in personal life along with our professional life. This includes our family matters. Not everyone is feeling good to spend their time with their loved ones. The couples nowadays, prefer to stay away from each other so that they can live their personal lives as well as their professional lives nicely. This makes couples have less bonding and which results in more problems in their relationships.

This quarantine situation locked them up together and forced them to spend time with each other which resulted in blossoms somewhere, whereas some do not.

Now the question stands that how can we make the relationship grow at this time?

Communication is the key to every lock of a relationship. We argue, we have insecurities, we have problems, we have happiness and everything in a relationship. a relationship grows when there are efforts and communication and clarity from each side.

Why is communication important?

Communication is the key, why it is the key? Because we all speak our mind and heart out when we communicate, and that is how we clear things up. No confusion means no problems. These communications on any topic are everything, whether, in anger or disappointment or happiness, the communication remains on the top list when it comes to getting a relationship growing.

Communicating in every emotion is equally important to any other aspect of a relationship. Do you have a problem? You didn’t talk it out? Do you hesitate?? The problem grows bigger and bigger with every let go. This is why and how the misunderstandings take place in our minds. And this is what destroys a very well going relationship. Therefore, communication is the key to every lock of a relationship.



What can we do if we are struggling to communicate effectively?

Listen, yes this word caught your attention. Just like this, you need to pay attention to what your partner is telling you. You have to listen, not hear. What’s the difference between hearing and listen? When you hear, you hear and let go because you do not open your mind and heart to that very conversation, but when you listen, you hear it with attention and with your mind and heart open. Listening to your partner is very important because the things they will share with you are bothering them in one way or the other. so you have to see to it that they get out of that problem safely. It’s only you that your partner needs by your side. And this is how you will keep this very natural and pretty bond of ours get going with time and your beloved one.

But people say, it’s important to spend time apart. Why is it so?

Spending time together will get your happiness on the other level but till when? You also have your limit of that happiness. When you spend every minute of every week with only your partner, you forget how it feels to miss them, and when you don’t miss your partner, you don’t feel like talking to them and spending time with them like before. You don’t have anything to talk about or anything to discuss because it was only you and your partner and none of the other things mattered, this is where the problem gets stated. You start to get bored, you feel like spending time alone, and this beautiful. This is the time for yourself too so that you can maintain your mental and physical health. Also, when you work separately and have a busy day, then you seek comfort which you get when you stay with your partner and this keeps your love blossoming. Therefore, it is really important to spend time apart. You give each other personal space which makes you breathe openly in the sky of relationships. This makes the relationship alive.

How can we take advantage of this unexpected time together to bond and improve their relationship?

Let’s not see this time as a drawback. We can take this time to another level in our relationships. These days are giving us time to be with each other, understand each other, talk to each other about things, make plans, discuss future work and personal lives, and so on. This is how we can take advantage of this time. Bonding can be work upon in these times to make them strong and beautiful. Sit together, find time for each other, live a little more, and care about the world a little less.



Talk, eat, have fun, and repeat. This is how you can make the most out of it. The more you talk and spend time, the more you will be able to find yourself and also your partner. This will build an understanding between you two and this is how the time will fly making you feel high.

Any other advice for how couples can ensure their relationship thrives (grow) during this unique time?

Giving time to each other, talking about things, communicating with each other, understanding each other, giving time, loving each other, cooperating, giving efforts into things like households and every other work together. Supporting each other, living with each other. Living for each other. Managing things, keeping the phones aside, and trying to communicate about life, house, future, and present situations. This is how this will always work. This is the way you need to keep this thriving. Push each other towards their goals. Support at every step and love each other unconditionally.

This quarantine situation gave us an opportunity to become each other’s best friend, lover, and family altogether. Utilize this and make full use of this time.