Dr. Oz: 10 Ultimate Tips For Anti-Aging

Dr. Oz is a Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon who got famous in America after having his own reality show called the Dr. Oz Show. He is known for his simple tips and methods to help the anti-aging processes which are followed by millions over the world. 

He eventually started his line of cosmetics and skincare which helped to slow aging processes. So here is a list of ten easy tips that Dr. Oz says will helps in the anti-aging process.

  1. Add yellow peppers

Yellow papers aren’t something yummy to eat but adding them to your diet also helps you look young. Yellow peppers are very rich in Vitamin C that helps it from preventing harmful radicals from damaging your skin and from aging faster.yellow-pepper-for-anti-aging

  1. Do not smoke

Everyone knows how harmful smoking is for your well-being and especially for your lungs and respiratory system. But what we didn’t know is that it makes you look old faster. This is because the content that your body inhales while smoking reduces collagen production which increases the rate of aging more than its usual level.lifestyle-and-aging

  1. Keep your mind calm

Making yoga, meditation, or prayer as part of your daily routine will take you one step ahead in the anti-aging process. This is because the body relaxes and is stress-free and this causes the body to release nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels which will help you for not aging. exercise-for-anti-aging

  1. Make your diet more colorful

Adding more color to your diet means that your meals must contain different colored berries and fruits, green leafy vegetables, yellow peppers, and vegetables which are primarily roots like the carrot and beetroot. Dr. Oz says the variety of certain helps in getting the various vitamins and minerals that your body needs as they are all distributed within different kinds of foods.


  1. Exercise your way up

Exercising can help reverse the aging process for more people. Doing squats can reverse wrinkles in the thigh area and strength training can increase the heart rate. He also says that exercising before going to bed helps you sleep better.


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  1. Avoid living in isolation

Community living helps people interact, share and your well-being prospers in the process. Living in isolation makes the body feel like it has no purpose to remain to function and so it begins to age faster. So he says “give your heart a reason to keep beating.”chronic-stress

  1. Walnuts for your hair

Who knows of all nuts, walnuts were good for the hair. But according to Dr. Oz, Walnuts help nourish the hair in a great way which makes it look youthful, glowing, and healthy.walnuts-for-hair

  1. Sleep right

Sleep is a very important factor in the anti-aging process. He says sleeping on your back helps keep wrinkles for forming. He says it also helps reduce acid reflux and backaches. He advises to keep a pillow under your knee and back as well to help you get used to this manner of sleeping.sleep-for-anti-aging

  1. Wash your face at night

Washing your face at night with AHA-cleansers, help dissolve the dirt and chemicals more than just the surface of the skin. This helps your skin to breathe at night and remain fresh.Anti-Aging-Tips-for-Your-Skin

  1. Love yourself

He says all the above points are no good if you don’t love yourself. You must love your family, love your job, and eat the food you love because without that there is no happiness. Unhappiness makes your body and mind age faster. love-yourself

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