Beauty Never Ages!!! Tips to Prevent Early Skin Aging!

Who wouldn’t love to have smooth glowing skin, even when our biological clock is ticking with waiting for our consent? All the wrinkles and spots and scars on our skin, reminding us of our increasing age, absolutely a matter of concern, isn’t? So, to keep our skin youthful as ever, we all begin to use all sorts of cosmetics, which lead to many complications, eventually leading us to lose the natural glow of our skin. Now, of course, we wouldn’t want that? So, let’s take a peek into a group discussion some ladies are having, regarding this. And, hey, they are also talking about some natural remedies and diet tips to glow in the skin. Come on, let’s take a look.

Host: So, hello ladies, welcome to the group discussion we are having regarding the tips to be followed to prevent early aging of the skin. So, let me give out a quick introduction to all the beautiful ladies present here. So, we have Suzanne, Martha, Lillian, Cathy, and Anita.  So, without further delay let’s get into our discussion. So, what do you ladies think about this issue nowadays women seem to face, that of early aging of the skin?glowing-fresh-skin

Suzanne: It’s kind of very startling, how these young ladies nowadays are suffering from such skin problems so early. My daughter, she is just in her early forties, and she already has wrinkles. I mean, look at me; I developed wrinkles in my early seventies. It indeed is a matter of concern.

Lillian: Oh, I absolutely agree with Suzanne. The girls nowadays use so many cosmetics. It damages their skin gravely. After all, it’s all chemicals. And, our skin is so sensitive. No wonder why they all are having so many skin issues, right at such a young age.

Martha: Yes, I am worried. My twenty-year-old granddaughter yesterday was complaining about having dry and rough skin. From the number of cosmetics she uses, I believe it’s no wonder that she has had her skin all deteriorated.

Anita: It’s not just cosmetics. Look at the amount of stress they all are taking. And, with all these anxiety and tension going on inside their head, they can’t even have a healthy lifestyle forget about the skin issues.

Cathy: Yes, indeed. Back in our time, it was all so different. We didn’t really have to worry a lot about our skin and all. And, in case of any issues, we used to have those natural remedies and all, which never really affected our skin.

Host: So, now that you all here. How about you all share your own skincare tips with all of us so that it would prove helpful for all the ladies out there who are suffering from these issues. So, let’s start with Suzanne, what are your tips?

Suzanne: When I was young, I used to use aloe vera for my face. Aloe Vera has numerous healing properties. It is also proven that aloe vera reduces the appearance of wrinkles and adds collagen to the skin.

Anita: Yes, that reminds me that banana mask, also have anti-aging properties. They contain natural oils and vitamins. And, it’s also to create banana mash for the skin. All you have to do is mash a quarter of banana until it becomes a paste and apply a thin layer on the skin and peel it off with warm water. It really rejuvenates the skin.

Lillian: Yes, besides all these another important factor is to remain hydrated. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin smooth and glowing. Drinking lots of water is essential for healthy skin.

Host: So, you all said that a healthy diet is also important for having healthy skin? So what should we incorporate into our diet?

Cathy: Avocadoes are really helpful in skin rejuvenation. They contain healthy fats which are essential to keep skin flexible and moisturized. Avocadoes are also a good source of vitamin E which is an important antioxidant that helps protect your skin from oxidative damage. And, then there are sweet potatoes that contain carotenoids that keep your skin healthy by acting as a natural sun block. Then there are tomatoes. They are a major source of vitamin C and helpful in preventing wrinkling.

Martha: Yes, indeed. Also, green tea is also pretty much helpful in fixing skin damages. Green Tea contains antioxidants that protect your skin against sun damage, reduce redness, and improve elasticity. I also believe that the best skin diet is one involving lots of vegetables of different colors. A healthy diet is always helpful in having healthy skin.

Suzanne: strawberries, citrus fruits, red peppers are broccoli that is helpful for the smooth texture of the skin. Sunflower seeds and almonds give skin protection from the sun. And, walnuts have also proven effective in lessening the wrinkles.

Host: Well, that’s quite effective and helpful information. Now, another question is that is there any kind of work out which may prove helpful in skin healing? What do you say, Lillian?

Lillian: Well, anti-aging exercises combat skin sagging problems by tightening the skin and smoothening out wrinkles. They do this by tightening muscles on your face, which also tightens the skin. These exercises may increase blood circulation which helps in removing the toxins.

Host: Are there any other tips you would like to share with us?

Anita: Well, we would suggest all the ladies out there to take care of their skin with natural remedies as much as possible. We would propose all to reduce the usage of cosmetics as much as possible. And, drink water. Keeping your body dehydrated is essential for healthy skin. And, stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. And, stop taking unnecessary stress. And, that would be pretty helpful in having healthy, rejuvenated skin.pure-healthy-skin

Host: So, as we wind up this discussion let’s thank these wonderful ladies who have taken time out of their schedule and gave us their valuable advice regarding taking care of our skin. Let us follow the guidelines they gave us and implement them in our lives to prevent the issues we may face regarding our skincare.